7 Top Tips for A Successful Pre-Work-Dojo Experience

Tips for A Successful Pre-Work-Dojo Experience

1. Build trust with employees

These tips for a successful pre-Work-Dojo experience will help you when introducing Work-Dojo’s new technology into your workplace. You may find your employees may have some trepidations, particularly if you have added new technologies before. You may discover that employees feel frustrations at how things work currently due to outdated technology. On the other hand, they may think that everything is running smoothly and be surprised that you are introducing something new into the workplace. 

Whatever the current feeling at your organization, when bringing in something new, you need to build trust with your teams. They will want to understand:

  • Why it’s there
  • What ‘problems’ it’s designed to fix
  • What makes this system or approach better than the other ones on the market (or other solutions you’ve tried in the past)
  • What training they will receive and when they will have the time to train 
  • How long it will take them to get up to speed with the new system or approach (and how much it will disrupt their day)
  • If their data is safe and secure.

Finding where employees are on that spectrum will help you to plan how to develop trust with them when bringing new technology on board. That trust will be the foundation for your successful pre-Work-Dojo expereince, and path to engagement and creativity!

2. Create Work-Dojo habits that stick  

Starting anything new is tough; we imagine we will never be able to fit more tasks into our already busy lives. But, with the right mindset, we can achieve much more than we give ourselves credit! Two factors that help to cement new tasks are:

  • Don’t see it as a task. When we reframe our thinking from ‘task’ to ‘support’ we see it as something positive and essential to our wellbeing instead of a drain on our time and resources. Work Dojo is a way to get more out of your day by giving yourself 10 minutes to refocus your energies. (See point 5)
  • Create a habit. To make something new stick, we must create habits. This means sticking to a strict schedule at the offset until the schedule becomes easier and people start to see the benefits. After a few weeks, we begin to miss the feelings we get from our more relaxed and creative selves when we don’t practice! The trick, in the beginning, is to stay motivated…

3. Understand what truly motivates

Help employees to stay motivated by:

  • Involving them from the outset in co-setting the goals of Work-Dojo
  • Discuss what good looks like – co-create a vision for the future that everyone can get behind
  • Use your ambassador network! (More below!)
  • Educate employees on the benefits of taking this time (More below!)

4. Find ambassadors for Work-Dojo

Your ambassadors are those people who are as passionate about the new approach as you are! These are the people who will help you to spread the word and make a real difference in your organization.  

Implementing new technology can be hard. You’re super excited about it, but the people around you aren’t so much. They don’t understand it, they don’t know how it works, and they don’t know the benefits. It’s your role to educate them so that they can understand why you’re behind the philosophy and hopefully join you!  

5. Know the benefits of taking time out for a great Work-Dojo experience 

Understanding the roots of why this approach is important, and the positive impact on you and your team will help you to stay on track. When your day is full of other priorities, these will help you to present a positive front to your teams when they ask you why they are doing this. Share the wonderful benefits that Work Dojo can bring to your organization. Such as:

  • Sparking creativity
  • Relieving anxiety and depression
  • Helping people to see the bigger picture 
  • Helping people to better deal with stress
  • Helping everyone to understand the point of view of others 

6. For maximum success, find the right time for Work-Dojo 

Finding the right time to do your ten minutes is key to creating a habit and a top tips for a successful pre-Work-Dojo experience. However, you also need to encourage this from the people around you. This time slot will be different for everyone, but it must be right for them. Is it:

  • After lunch when people feel relaxed and already detached from work? 
  • When they first arrive in the morning before work begins? 
  • Just before leaving in the evening? 
  • None of those times and it’s different every day when there’s time between meetings?

Whenever it is, it needs to be the right time for the individual. 

7. For a successful pre-Work-Dojo experience, learn from, but don’t let the past hold you back

New technology is coming out all the time, and we’re sure your company is no stranger to new systems and approaches – whether in their personal life or at work. Sometimes a new technology delights and surprises people in a positive way. Other times it causes people stress, concerns, worry, and more work. We don’t want that to be Work Dojo. 

We want to give you the best possible chance to have a wonderful experience with Work Dojo and for it to provide you with the engagement and creativity outcomes you desire. Don’t let your past experiences haunt you. Give Dojo the best possible start, and it could deliver fantastic things for your business. 

These are basics top tips for a successful pre-Work-Dojo experience, but to get the most from Work Dojo in the longer term, check out the ‘Work Dojo Super Success Guide.’ We’ve got your back!

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