Ways to Use Work-Dojo

One of the things that makes Work-Dojo a fantastic tool for your business is its malleability. Work-dojo is grounded in a psychological approach that proves the importance of ‘connection’ to improve creative and innovative thinking and help employees to feel more motivated at work. 

Its flexibility comes from us using that grounding to create a toolbox of different tasks and approaches that can we can apply to all manner of workplace scenarios making Work-Dojo your perfect partner in many workplace situations. Here are just a few of the ways you can use Work-Dojo to accelerate your workplace: 


Use Work-Dojo’s tasks to help integrate employees into their new role and get them up to speed with your ways of working faster! Work-Dojo:

  • Helps employees to meet other employees through group tasks – particularly if those employees are dispersed
  • Provides a daily open communication channel for employees
  • Builds trust among teams to help new employees feel integrated faster 
  • Creates faster alignment on tasks and projects because everyone can connect and work through the same platform
  • Helps to create better functioning teams from the outset with greater awareness of teammates approaches and ways of working.

Connecting remote workers 

With the ever-growing capabilities of using technology to keep people connected, remote working is becoming increasingly common. But there is ‘connecting,’ and there is ‘connection.’ Work-Dojo creates ‘connection’ for employees beyond what they need to do for work tasks. It facilitates a deeper level of connection because employees work together daily using tasks that are grounded in a psychological approach that has been proven to facilitate employee wellbeing. 

Workers who aren’t geographically close to their teams never need to feel forgotten or excluded because their daily interactions through Work-Dojo make them feel like they are right there with their teammates and consistently front of mind. 

Refreshing embedded employees’ motivations 

Work-Dojo isn’t just for new and dispersed employees; it helps your already existing teams to flourish in new ways. You can use Work-Dojo to re-energize current employees who may be stuck in a rut of using old approaches. 

The Work-Dojo app sparks new ideas, new ways of thinking about old ideas and problems, and encourages people to work with new, multidisciplinary teams in creative ways. 

Specialized, multidisciplinary teams 

Encouraging people to form new teams can be tough when people are used to working in particular ways. People get comfortable with the people they know and, therefore, don’t want to make an effort to change. Work-Dojo helps to encourage people out of their comfort zone to interact and problem-solve together daily, initially through guided tasks, but leading to new connections with new people.

Managing the creative side of project teams  

Project management is traditionally all about spreadsheets, time tracking, and numbers, and there are many apps on the market that can help your teams to work functionally better. But, how many of those apps manage idea generation and the chance to work in novel ways with new people? Teams function best when they have fresh ideas that spur them on to try new things and get different results. 

Work-Dojo brings new people together, sparks new ideas and encourages employees to consistently ‘change it up’ to keep ground-breaking concepts at the forefront.

Prioritizing employee wellness 

Despite current media coverage of the ineffectiveness of workplace wellness programs, we believe, and have evidence to support our view – the Harvard Happiness Study shows that connection is the #1 predictor of human happiness – that, concentrating on cultivating a healthy mind through facilitating connection, creates happier and, ultimately, more productive workplaces. 

Work-Dojo’s approach means employees experience the equivalent of 10 mindful minutes of every training day. Consequently, they create new connections in the brain that stimulate their happiness and motivation. The result is new ideas that drive your organization’s problem solving and solution creation to newfangled heights.

Using the exit process to your advantage 

Employees don’t stay at organizations forever; at some point, people leave. In today’s workplace, people move around much more than they ever did. However, managers and leaders aren’t always sure why people have decided to leave a company. The best exit processes elicit honest feedback from employees about why they are leaving. You can use Work-Dojo to uncover employee exit insights helping you to:

  • Feedback into your employees’ experiences at work and improve them. 
  • Discover the leaver’s ambitions and how you may be able to help them in their future journey. 

These tasks help you to elevate your brand, and encourage new people to come into your organization. As a result, they improve the overall employee experience.

Elevating your employees’ experience 

When employees are exposed to positive experiences at work, they have more opportunities for engagement. Engagement is a significant predictor of a more positive, better functioning, and productive workplace.  Work-Dojo creates these daily positive experiences by connecting employees to new possibilities and new people. It’s win-win for everyone involved!

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